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Armonia e Geometria



Giosué Amoroso, Annalisa Barbato, Davide Basco, Antonietta Ciardiello, Aniello D’Agostino, Michele Palmiero & Giulia Saporito


Cross Design Trend:


Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the “Second University of Naples”, united by passion for architecture and interior design.

They have met each others during the studies,  have then undertaken different specialization pathways, which have allowed them to broaden their knowledge and experience, finally joining them in a single team.

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The fulcrum of the project is harmony.

Not by chance the style chosen is the Peaceful one,  that shows relaxing environments, exalted by the use of warm tones, geometrical shapes, simple and material grafts.

From the Union of Harmony and geometry, the concept of the loft is born.

The latter, in fact, elaborates the concept of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian “on the Perfect Harmony” which is expressed through simple geometrical forms assembled, which give rise to pure and uncontaminated spaces; In fact, they show a complexity that denies their apparent simplicity. The concept of harmony and geometry is therefore reported in all the elements of the loft, from floors to wall coverings.

Layers – Trend
Trace – Mint
One – Mix Decò
One – Gesso