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A bright fall



Alex Bianchi & Anna Valastro


Cross Design Trend:

Rise and Reverb


Alex Bianchi

Born in 1989. Degree in Architecture and Culture of the Project at the University of Venice. Freelance registered at the Professional Register of Architects since 2016.


Anna Valastro

Born in 1990. Degree in Architecture and Culture of the Project at the University of Venice. Registered at the Professional Register of Architects since 2017.

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The serenity of nature in the fall. In a portion of a city dwelling, the feeling of a natural space, whose colors, on the range of botanical shades, infuse a sense of composure and a sophisticated appearance. The cotton and linen fabric of the sofa and the leather of the seats contribute to the definition of a genuine and comfortable environment. A bright fall takes some of its inspiration from two different trends, Rise and Reverb. As for Rise, the focus is on its material feature, connected to textures and finishes, whose surfaces communicate with a tactile language. Moreover, the duality between industrialism and craftsmanship is declined in a more elegant perspective. The contamination of the Reverb trend is emphasized here by the expressive appearance, which lies between the Northern European influences and the detail refinement. The flooring of the living area is covered with Caesar stoneware staves, which refer to the wood used in the furnishing accessories: a warm and noble wood melts in the hexagonal pattern, which instead recalls a more industrial environment, creating a sharp contrast. The use of the hexagonal shape proposed for this flooring was chosen because of the great growth in the trend witnessed in interior designing, in particular in association with wooden slats. The interior casing is completed by the ceiling made of MDF planks, whose rough appearance evokes the bare branches of a dense vegetation. The furnishing elements are made up of a simple geometric frame, coupled with Caesar ceramic plates, replacing the factory items. These furnishings with their thin and neat profiles give the ceramic cladding the role of main protagonist, while maintaining its functional character. The dark metal frames accentuate the shape and volume, making them emerge in their spatiality. In opposition to these elements, but in harmony with natural materials and hues, the wooden furnishings give a sense of intimacy through their soft shapes.

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