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However, for these in search of a real various to straightforward cigarettes, there’s nothing more suitable in the marketplace proper now than the IQOS system, which makes use of correct tobacco that is heated somewhat than burned. Why should he be punished for someone else’s actions? The Brits have developed robust ties with the UAE so why aren’t they utilizing their relationship to help individuals like Billy? A clemency request has been submitted to the UAE authorities by the British Foreign Workplace but Mr Hood’s father Alex has said his son’s case should ‘high of the listing’.

A press release from the UAE Public Prosecution said: ‘Mr. Stirling stated: Dubai police’s handing of drugs cases has resulted in quite a few unfair detentions of international nationals. Mr Khan mentioned: ‘It was horrible. Oscar Khan tried in desperation to extinguish the flames after the right leg of his trousers caught hearth, earlier than his wife got him into a shower and ran chilly water on to him. I used to be patting my leg trying to put out the flames with my hands however then my spouse came in and helped me get my trousers off.

Hood’s mom Breda Guckion, 55, also claimed officers laughed in her son’s face as he slept on the ground of a prison cell with 30 others and informed him that if he did not signal the confession, vape cheap ‘you are not getting out of right here’. Authorities mentioned that upon a search of the car, which smelled like marijuana, they recovered a loaded 9mm firearm, a bag containing 11 grams marijuana, a vape shop pen and a bag containing cash, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Sgt.

When Hood appeared earlier than a court docket final week and was convicted of drug smuggling, possession and supply and given the utmost sentence. Hood appeared in a Dubai court docket in October and sentenced to 25 years in prison after being convicted of drug smuggling, possession and Cheap Vape Sale supply. Overseas drug customers who are caught are usually deported to their home countries after imprisonment, however the new regulation leaves that call as much as the decide.

I am very anti-drugs and spend my days teaching in schools with children. Before his switch, Hood’s best friend Alfie Cain, 24, claimed he instructed him he was slapped, tasered, crushed for 5 days to make him signal a confession and only given bread and small amounts of water whereas on the Al-Barsha prison. I simply want to make individuals conscious of what can happen with these items. Mr Hood’s finest pal Alfie Cain beforehand vape Shop claimed he advised him he was slapped, tasered, overwhelmed for five days to make him sign a confession and vape shop solely given bread and small quantities of water whereas at the Al-Barsha prison.