Even in the story of Snow White, mirrors have a very notable part in telling us exactly how we look, whether we like it or not. However, more than the obvious purpose of having a mirror, vanity mirrors can work wonders in any room. As long as you choose the perfect mirror for your room, having this item in your home has a lot of benefits and advantages. But before getting one off the department store floors, there are some things that you have to consider in choosing a vanity mirror.

– The frame of the mirror can either be metal, plastic, or wood. For more contemporary mirrors, the edges are just left as is and there is no other framing that goes with it. When it comes to price, wooden framed mirrors cost a lot more than plastic or metal framed mirrors because apart from the cost of the material (compared to plastic and metal which are widely available), wooden frames on mirrors instantly give an elegant appeal and a relaxed ambience to the room. If you want to be more playful with the colors of the frame, you can go for plastic or metal frames instead.

– Some frames can be just the usual square frame while others have more elaborate designs based on their shape and the design of the frames. Some mirrors have frames that have elaborate wood designs similar to those you see in hotel lobbies while others are more contemporary in shape having uneven sides or even engraving on the sides of the mirror.

– Vanity mirrors normally occupy an otherwise plain wall but if you want your vanity mirror to be movable, there are standing vanity mirrors that you can buy. These mirrors are best when you have an extra space in your bathroom or bedroom and if you are not really keen on placing a mirror permanently on your wall (just in case you need that space eventually for paintings or framed photos).

You should also note the size of the mirror that you should buy. It is best if you can have the exact measurements of the available space that you want to place the mirror in. No matter how beautiful the vanity mirror is, that beauty will not shine through if the mirror seems too little or too large in the space it occupies. Remember that if you want to place it on your wall, this placement should be considered permanent. So be careful when choosing sizes because you won’t want to buy another mirror or have holes in the walls of your bathroom or bedroom because you didn’t make the right measurements beforehand.

Just like any other item in your home, choosing a vanity mirror does not have to be done on impulse, but rather a careful selection of the vanity mirror can pay off big time in the long run. For wider options, you can go online and see a wide range of vanity mirrors from various suppliers and even from other countries if you really want a unique vanity mirror and are willing to pay a little bit more.