One of the best companions of a professional career woman is the vanity mirror with lights. This handy and extremely functional accessory allows you to put on your makeup without the need for any overhead illumination. This type of vanity mirror has a built-in light that provides adequate illumination, which allows you to see everything very clearly. With this kind of mirror in your wardrobe, you will never have to worry about applying on that perfect makeup for the beautiful you.

One of the nicest things about this amazing mirror is that it allows you to put on your makeup in a public place with a great degree of privacy. With a non-lighted mirror, you would have to look for a spot where a bright light is, otherwise you may miss a spot when applying your makeup on. The soft illumination that the built-in lights of this mirror provide enables you to see all those soft contours on your face, thereby making your task even easier.

There are many types and models of vanity mirror with lights available in the market today, with each model coming with its own unique style and functionality. There are those that have a single square mirror with lights on the sides and there are also models that feature three mirrors aside from its soft and gentle lights.

The three-mirror models oftentimes feature a center mirror and two separate mirrors on both sides with different magnifications. One side may have a magnification of 4x, while the mirror on the other side has a higher magnification at 5x, or sometimes 7x. This allows you to thoroughly check whether there is a spot that you have missed, or if you were able to apply an even and beautiful tone.

Another great thing about the vanity mirror with lights is that they have a built-in stand that allows them to be positioned at an angle without the risk of toppling over. This ingenious mirror back support system can be adjusted at various angles so that you would not have tilt your head for so many times just to see if you were able to apply your makeup properly and evenly. This stand also allows you to conveniently use both your hands when applying makeup, resulting in a faster application of makeup in a very comfortable manner.

There are also some models that include light filters that enable you to mimic a range of lighting environments. The different color filters of this type of vanity mirror with lights give you the ability to change the hue of the illumination. This makes it possible for you to check how your makeup would look like under different lighting conditions. With all the wonderful features and functionalities that this type of mirror has, it would surely make your beautification tasks easier and faster.