People spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. Many wouldn’t think that most of that time is spent in front of the mirror, but it is. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, shaving, or putting on your make up; you’re constantly glued to the reflection of yourself. There are numerous kinds of bathroom vanity mirrors on the market, so you need to make sure you have the right one.

When picking your mirror, you should have a few questions answered ahead of time. How will this mirror be used mainly? You’re not going to want the same kind of mirror if you’re trying to view your whole outfit as well as pluck your eye brows. Both tasks require slightly different setups. Also, who is using this mirror? Where it’s located in your bathroom will be important.

There are three common types of vanity mirrors. One is your basic fixed mirror. More often than not it comes in the form of a medicine cabinet. This is by no means the most stylish type but it’s tried and true and does the job. There’s also the hanging wall mirror type. This comes in all sizes and shapes. You can get a small mirror that hangs over your vanity sink or something much longer giving you the ability to examine your whole attire as apposed to just chest up. Last, there’s the moving mirror. It comes on it’s own stand and sits on your vanity. You can often get it lighted, making it one of the more desired bathroom Vanity Mirror mirrors for use when it comes to facial care.

Think about the smaller details as well, such as trim, color, and material. Your mirror is going to be a piece that ties your bathroom together. Are you going to have your bathroom work around the same color scheme or use of the same material such as wood or metal? You can use the frame of the mirror as a way to make accent colors pop. Or just go with one that doesn’t have a frame at all, this will make the mirror feel more lucid and open instead of ridged and defined.

With all of the many options you have to play with when looking at bathroom vanity mirrors, there really is no wrong way to go. Creating a theme for your bathroom and using certain elements to tie it all together will bring a cohesive feel to it. Redecorating is really about making something your own!