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Vintage Déco



Arabella Guidotto


Cross Design Trend:



Arabella Guidotto, after attending Art High School, graduated in architecture at the IUAV in Venice.

During this period she identified in the complex geometries her theme of personal research in architecture that will converge in her experimental degree Thesis, entitled ‘ Fractal Mazes ‘, which presents a design method based on mathematics and fractal geometry.

This method is a tool for site analysis and urban and architectural design, able to understand the urban phenomena and morphology of places through mathematical models and recursive geometries, using them as compositional instruments.

Over time, this research continued through a constant insolvency activity in order to compare theoretical reflections with real projects. Different experiences, from architectural and restoration projects, to video, from design to critique of architecture, obtaining rewarding awards in competitions.

The vintage Deco project moves from the reverb trend of inspiration through which it intends to propose vintage aesthetic codes in a contemporary key.

Starting point was to identify the characteristics of the two inhabitants who have assumed to be a couple of esthetes, lovers of the arts, of design but at the same time, recognize in the vintage and traditional elements a language that can be reproposed according to a personal and current taste. The loft as a place where both can find echo of what for them is a source of inspiration.


An eclectic attitude that mixes graphic that refer to the 70s interiors which included the full-height wall covering with material such as wood or marble combined with contrasting colours. The same grammar has been tried to reproduce it on the basis of the materials, their characteristics and dimensions. The latter in particular have been an integral part of the composition in order to exploit them to the best in order to avoid the maximum waste.

The loft is divided into two spaces. A social one that includes entrance, volume area of the staircase and living room, in front of this has been identified the kitchen area. More private.


Vintage Deco wants to propose an exhibition where heterogeneous materials for finish and sensations can coexist, creating an environment where there is an eclectic harmony.

Anima – Grey St. Laurent
Anima – Calacatta Oro
Trace – Mint Decò
FABULA – Theca
Anima – Marfil