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Luca Dondi


Cross Design Trend:



I’m Luca Dondi, an interior design student at Politecnico di Milano’s Scuola del Design. I’m attending the third year and I’m going to be graduated by the end of July 2017. During my career at Politecnico I learned how to work in group, the best way to express my conceptual ideas through real projects and to respect the due dates in order to complete the requests.
Before that I attended a linguistic high school where I studied English, Spanish and German.
I work as a freelance fashion editor for an online magazine called Luuk Magazine. I have also curated the graphic project for the two issues Luuk Magazine printed on paper this year.

The charm of the old and the invincible vintage style have been the protagonists, since a few years now, of the new trends that affected fashion as well as architecture and interior design. It is not about the flat and boring retro style, but it is a rejoin in a modern way of the values, the fabrics and the textures which have fascinated humans for a long time.
Starting from these assumptions I chose Reverb as my trend in order to start my project for Caesar SPA. I made a first research about colours and materials and then looked for a few images that could express what I was thinking about. Then I decided to design a contemporary loft with some vintage accents on the furniture and textures.
First of all there is the entrance where the plain wall is covered in LAYERS TREND 60×60 tiles that marked a vivid atmosphere thanks to the special pattern of the tiles; on the other side there is a small living room focused on a “tiles carpet” made with ONE DECORS 60×60 which underlines the clean geometry of the Twenties style furniture.
The other room is that of a dining room with a large modern table combined with classic chairs, a room divider with old illustrations and a brass chandelier. All of these is framed by a series of ONE GESSO 60×120 tiles and INNER SHORE 60×120 tiles which remind to the traditional stone.

Inner – Shore
One – Gesso
Layers – Trend
One – Mix Decò