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Lucile Gaillard & Romane Amoroux


Cross Design Trend:



Lucile Gaillard



– Master of Interior Architecture

– BTS Interior Design (2016)

– MANAA in 2014 (Mise à niveau of Applied Art).

– Bachelor degree – Literary specialty – Option art specialization


– May / June 2015 :  Trainee – Agence Maison Vivre Plus

– January / April 2017: Trainee – Agence Catherine Pommier –  Lyon

Current School: Belleoour École, Lyon, FR


Romane Amoroux



– Master of Architecture

– Bachelor  Interior Design at ESAIL  (2016)

–  Bachelor degree – Management technology Option Marketing


-Polugic arrangements in Evian (74)

-Scenography/Styling at Marion Chauvin in Lyon (69)

-Home in Lausanne (Switzerland)

-Ikèa in Lyon (69)

Current School: Belleoour École, Lyon, FR



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To bring together in a single space the golden ages of Italian design and architecture in order to create a timeless place.


The Trend that we have selected, Reverb, is inspired by the past to give life to the present, to give an authentic style narrated with a story about the history of matter, of a style and of a particular stylistic spirit.


This atmosphere is inspired mainly by the stylistic level of the 1970s Italian design, the golden age of Italian design, as well as the design of the European northern countries.

However, we thought that Italy had known well before the 1970s, a golden age that influenced all European countries, the notion of aesthetics in architecture.

Indeed, the Italian Renaissance allowed to put in practice aesthetic values and proportions allowing to set up bases of design and aesthetics within the future architectures, but also in the interior architecture. The Renaissance highlights the notions of symmetry, of proportion, of regularity and balance of reasons.


Our creative concept around the showroom will set up a harmonious blend, balanced and developed between Renaissance notions, through a regular and balanced graphic, the style of the 70s skillfully revisited in a contemporary style.  The goal is to bring together the different golden age of craftsmanship and Italian architectural design in a single space.

It’s about telling the story of Italian design in one space.

By definition, a loft keeps the imprint, the visible memory of an old destination: here, the Loft will keep the imprint of the Golden Age of Italian design and architecture.

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