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The Loft Window


Núria Coll Andrés

Cross Design Trend:


I consider myself a lively person, open-minded, sensitive, passionate, and with an inner world full of ideas and projects that shaped through artistic expression.
Above all I am very observant of my surroun-dings and with a sense of aesthetics, imagi-ning spaces where people can feel relaxed, create their world, their place in the world.
I like to surround myself with optimistic, en-terprising people, in environments where there is illusion and that allow us to enrich ourselves with everything that comes from the diffe-rent ideas, projects … and at the same time, I also need moments of introspection to let flow all those ideas that arise of my imagination.

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Imagine a window in the loft, where you breathe serenity and you can feel a sense of indefinable peace and well-being as you contemplate it.


Based on the compositional values of Salvador Dali‘s painting “Noia a la finestra” (1925), it eliminates one of the window frame (the left). The spectator fails to appreciate the anomaly that this implies, and is it precisely, lies a good part of the enigmatic beauty that emanates.


ln contemplating this painting, light plays in the folds of clothes and in the waters of the sea in a captivating way. in every canvas of Dali there is something that attracts; His paintings are not a simple technical and successful composition of colors. In all of them is fixed the emotion of the painter who executes them.


“Figura en la ventana o Noia a la finestra”, is cooler, tender color and luminous. Juxtaposition of these two elements. The gray and blue intonation of the whole picture, the splendid distributed light that highlights the human figure with an extraordinary nobility in the transparent atmosphere of the background… All this, gives to this nice and penetrating work a vague resonance poetic composition.


During the creative process the canvas of “Noia a la finestra” is decontextualized, creating a point of attention in the loft in the passage area. This decomposition opens a window that makes us dream in the landscape of a Mediterranean sea, entering into the infinite imagination that we can reach. interacting with him, we can perceive the girl in the picture as we walk through the loft and stopping in front of the wall.


The design of the loft is a diaphanous space, with a contemporary design concept and touches of industrial design. The spaces are designed, the first space for reading leisure and the second living space, to relax and let the feelings flow, after a hard day in the city.


“Do not let the child that you carry inside you”, with this phrase a reading space is created where the young couple can remember their joyful days of games in the swings, which give rhythm and dynamism to the whole, at the same time that invites us to sit down and read in good company of a good book.


The swings are made of natural wood and rope, creating a light space while inviting us to swing, transporting our feelings and sensations to childhood.


The carpet reminds us of the backs of books, it plays with the repetition of superimposed cylindrical shapes that emphasize the circle as a matrix of the drawing. A scale of pastel colors and contrasts of colors emphasize the three-dimensionality through the soft impression that is made on the surface of the cylinders. This gives a plastic effect and a dynamic composition. Like the swings, this space is also a good reading place to be able to spread on the carpet for it.

Anima – Calacatta Oro
Trace – Mint
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