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Strata Concept



Denis Mikhailov


Cross Design Trend:


Denis Mikhailov

Denis Mikhailov was born in 1988 in Russia, Moscow.

In 2005 he graduated from the B & D Institute of Business and Design in Moscow, receiving a bachelor’s degree, Interior design. At the moment he is working on the creation of his office dDion archconcept Forming a philosophy of perception and interaction, working in the direction of emotional design, The principle of biomimetics, the design of residential and public space.

Strata concept

Natural elements, lines, formations are the main source of inspiration.Multilayered lines of mountain layers are the basis of the visual image.
Direct, thin lines forming simultaneously dynamics and a static of space, form its purity, sensation of air, cutting off all unnecessary, enveloping functionality and ergonomics space in a minimalistic shell, leaving only the beauty of the material, demonstrate its scale, integrity.
Multilayered as a natural image, straight lines, as a result human labor, working with the matter of nature, its contemplation and respect.

Anima Select – Bianco Alpino
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco Macchia Aperta
Anima Select – Grigio Boreale