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Solid Colors



Rossana Vinci


Cross Design Trend:



ROSSANA VINCI, Born in 1986 In Gioia del Colle, a small city in the south of Italy, educated as architect and designer at Polytechnic University of Bari, where graduated in 2013 discussing the experimental thesis concerning the the settlements of Morocco pre saharan valleys, the thesis was published by Aion.
After finishing her studies, in 2013, she worked in an architecture studio where she realized very soon that she wanted to develop her own style.
In 2015 won the honorable mention for the international architectural competition “Oporto Co-working space” with duepiùdue team.
In 2017 won the architectural competition of urban regeneration of the Campolieto suburban area in Modugno, near Bari.
She is currently conducting her professional activity in the field of architecture and design, working also as web editor at where she manages architecture and design content.
She strongly believe in the power of images, representation and ideas.

Colour and geometry, the project idea comes from these two winning elements starting from the Caesar reverb trend.
The loft has an industrial flavor mixed with a simple forms, based on a few elements bound together by a mystical feeling. Simple and monumental structures are exalted by brilliant primary colors,in the choice of materials, furnishings and textures, that inviting contemplation and having an emotional resonance thanks to the amalgam of these elements.
The project is influenced by hues embedded in pre-Columbian and colonial art, architecture, and craft, by the Luis Barragán poetic architecture, Pre-Raphaelite painters , Wes Anderson movie and bymetaphysical art.
Like in a de Chirico setting, the wall is both the supreme entity and the inhabitant of a larger metaphysical landscape.
The loft was designed for a young couple of architects, as a refuge, as a space for introspection, that embodies the personality and the style of two young artists.
The layout of the loft and the backyard are proposed in three areas: the central area, the key area of the project, in with the most important rooms of the house are located: the entrance, hallway, the living room and the essential open space kitchen; the small bedroom with a sliding bed that add value and recover the space unused until now: the wall, thanks to its system, the bed appears and disappears into the wall, once closed, recovers a space and the bedroom turns into an office or atelier; the small bathroom area.

Tiles and floor covering used in the project, evoked the contemporary mood of cement in architecture with an original appeal, to create a personalised ceramic style.
Colors and textures comes from the initial idea of the shapes that materialize the colors.

One – Indigo
One – Rope
One – Mix Decò
Anima – Calacatta Oro