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Cross Design Trend:



«COBET» is an creative collective based in Moscow. The office was founded in 2014 by a group of ex-students of the Moscow Architectural Institute. «COBET» team currently involved in a number of projects in the fields of architecture, graphic design, art and research. Team has the experience of participating in international architectural competitions. Also the team has already had experience in collaborating with foreign architectural offices.
We consider our basic tasks will be as follow: participation in elaboration of general concept of the project, assistance in obtaining the necessary information for foreign participants.

description and title of the concept


Nostalgia is one of the most popular cultural trends of last decade. We see the remakes of popular TV Shows of 90s, a comeback of musicians, and renaissance of fashion styles, etc. Besides, this is not a new idea of a «dialogue between the ages». One example is the emergence neo-retrospective Directions in Art. The feature of current Nostalgia is a reduction in the length of the period. For Generation Y (born from 1980 to 1992), this period coincides with childhood. Currently, «simple households» and «Common life» has become a history and the new nostalgia trend.

Recourse to «past routine» for design is the attempt to establish an emotional connection through personal experience. Visual Images helps us to recall our pas, or our parents’ or for better understanding of the spirit of the age. Things have an important role to play for complete view.

Things have a long life. Some things, that were made in the 1920s and used by our grandparents still surround us. We don’t throw them away because we care about them. Things to these old pieces of our past linked our memories. Things are the form of heritage of our memory. Any of things has been demined them utilitarian function and filled by huge symbolic value. Thing contains emotions and stories of important moments in life which it followed.

Living space interior (like an amount of all things) is a story of a number of generations at the turn of the 80s. Each generation brings new things, what have become a sign of our time. The tradition should to be continued because great interiors have always described the era of its history

FABULA – Robur
FABULA – Ulmus
Vibe – Square
Tecnolito – Alhambra
Tecnolito – Karbon
Tecnolito – Opal
Elapse – Mist
Elapse – Neutral
Elapse – Oyster