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Rise – straight from the heart of fire



Marta Koniczuk


Cross Design Trend:


Graduate of Interior Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdafisk. In the year 2010, her diploma in architecture with an annexe in set design was honored in multiple competitions. She is an assistant at the Department of Interior Design Basics and Methodology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdafisk.

Apart from various implemented interior designs, she is also an active theater and movie set designer.

In order to reach mutual understanding with one’ 5 client, it is necessary to achieve a careful, individual approach. The key to good design – understood as the sum of the client’ 5 expectations and the architect’ s artistic vision — is to reach a common ground in terms of needs, dreams and values. These priorities make the spaces that I design not only fresh and functional, but, most importantly, perfectly in tune with their users’ expectations.

Irrelevant of the scale of the project, I always treat original and creative solutions as the matter of the utmost importance. This approach allows me to take
pride in all my implemented designs, be they large public spaces, suites, private houses or small apartments.

Living in the Gdansk (Poland) I do not feel limited in the scope of my work, which now encompasses not only Poland, but international implementations in
US, Germany, Denmark and Italy.

Winner of the “BEST Polish Interior 2016” contest for the best public space in Poland 2016, for club—cafe at the Gdafisk Shakespeare Theatre.

Winner of the international Lighthouse Interior Contest launched by Gruppo Romani and CODE (Italy).

Ember, heat, powerful, mysterious darkness.
The aim of the project was to create a fire-like feeling, using the curved copper metal sheets, under a cloud of blackness.

Fire is a main player, cementing the origins of burning the porcelain and pottery process. Firing kilns and exclusively italian culture of material, were the main inspirations.

The impression of full-bodied heat, resambling of the firing the ceramic slabs in long kilns where tiles reach the highest temperature. Here is the brushfire, the char, the aftermath of Prometheus’s gift in its mesmerising,jagged form.

Copper sheet texture resembles the hottest ember. The artistic value is what makes this interior so hipnotic. Black slabs creating the dramatic background, give the multidimesional base, reflecting the red flashes. Centrical custom made metal lamp, in a shape of a original burning kiln, fine furnishing, vibrant raw textures give the impression of extravagant, sophisticated loft.

Swirling shapes soften up the roughness of harsh metal surfaces, resembling the pottery wheel in motion, adding a hint of spice to the overall picture.

Tinte Unite – Pure Black
Trace – Iron