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Giovanna Carleo


Cross Design Trend:



Born in Mugnano di Napoli (Naples, Italy), since she was a child she was passionate about artistic drawing and manual creations, up to the choice of a training course in the mature age that wi/1 bring her to get the Master Degree m Architecture with praise in March 2016 at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design – University of Campania studies.

“Luigi  Vanvitelli” Aversa (CE), developing a thesis in architectural and urban composition entitled “The Museum of the 21st Century –
Extension of the Neue  Nationalgalerie”.
Begin immediately to practice professional apprenticeship at arcnitecture study located in  Giugliano in Campania (Naples, Italy), her country of residence, and afters she acquired the enabling to profession of Architect in October 2016.


At the same time as the collaboration with the aforementioned Study, she follows the family building business.


he has good computer skills with mastery of several programs from modeling to the graphics and others; her native Tangue is Italian, with a level A in english language.
Her passions are the freehand drawing;cross-stitch embroidery technique; reading; travels; her work that she does with  constant dedication.

Metals, glasses, ceramics, fabrics are the main material surfacesused in the proiect of the showroom, on which the reverb effects of artifiCial lights are manifested, in particular, thisphenomenon has been emphasized, imagining that the light sources hrough the semitransparent curtains, reflecting the fibers of the abrics on the ceramics o the Layers collection, projecting on them in the orm of metal filaments t at define the texture.

The showroom takes the forms of a contemporary loft to which it is accessed through a raised entrance of man mt, allowing the interior to glimpse from the window; crossing the entrance curtain it is enter in a livin room yv ose scene is dominated by the imposmg spiral staircase, on the back 0 which is a modest an; gle-study; the projected glass partition divides the living area from the sleeping area, in which there is a large bed and an area dedicated to the body wellness . The same area is further screened With semitransparent
curtains, from the kitchen corner where a mix of ceramics defines this setting.
The continuity between floors and cladding, as if the ceramics slip to the ground, is maintained in many areas of the exhibition loft: the entrance with multicolored wood effect ceramics, the ceramic bath area with light wood effect and the table area With ceramic steel corten effect.

The use of ceramics with a dark chromatic range in livind room environments has been chosen, assuming that incoming natura light rises surfaces the metallic effect; while in the sleeping area, ceramics with stone and marble 8%8Ct have a much brighter color range.

The furnishings and the obiects of the environment give freshness and elegance, as1if1they were suspended in the air a ew inches from the floor, almost touching it. e reference is to the mood of the ordic countries: clean lines, contemporary aesthetics, functionality, color and wood.

The fabrics range from the simplicity of semitransparent linen of curtains to SOphistication of the velvet of seats table , mixed perfectly in the chrome of ceramics.

A sought daily space where you can drop into it to let yourself inspired from the fascinating ceramics of the Caesar collections.

Layers – Wire01/Trend
Layers – Trend
Vibe – Marsala Raw
FABULA – Robur
Portraits – Tozeur
Trace – Corten