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Güttl Christoph & Gosch Jakob


Cross Design Trend:



Güttl Christoph





Hey, my name is Christoph and I‘m 21 years old. Since I was a child I was always interested in sports and arts. And that didn‘t really change, playing basketball and creating new things are still a majoy part of my life.

I love to design something special not only architectural but any kind of art.

When I heard about the Cross Design Contest I knew that’s something for me and I contacted my former classmate and good friend Jakob to join me. And here we are.




VET school of painting, coating and design


College of construction engineering with special focus on color and design


2013-2014 4 months Isovolta AG During my practial experience at the Isovolta AG,

I worked with the Costumer Engineering & Design team to create new decorative laminates for aviation and transportaion.

2015/2016 2 months intership at master builder Thomas Kotauschek

I worked with Ing. Thomas Kotauschek. Drawing building plans and creating 3D models of buildings

were my main functions.




Gosch Jakob





Hello, my name is Jakob and I‘m 23 years old. In september I will study architecture. My great interest are architecture and design.

In my education of construction engineering I have learned to visualize 3D Objects. I know from the beginning it is more than a hobby – It is my vocation.

When my my former classmate and good friend Christoph told me about the Cross Design Contest I could hardly wait to start.




VET school of painting, coating and design


College of construction engineering with special focus on color and design



2013-2014 4 months Wopfinger Baustoffindustrie GmbH

It is also called Baumit. I worked in a nice colour labaratory. I researched and developed with my colleague on the new fashion colours. To create new trends.

2015/2016 1 months intership at architect Presoly

I worked in a 10 man office. My main functions were drawing 2D construction plans and making nice layouts for customers.


It was hard to find the rifht trend for us because all of them REVERB, PEACEFUL and RISE are super interesting trends. But we figured out that REVERB is the trend we want to work with.

We both liked the idea of reinventing elements froM the past and combine them with modern trends.


You get so many impressions from what you have been through and from what you see during the day.

Time changes fashion, architecture, design but also lifestyle trends. So its hard to tell what exactly everything that inspired us to design this room.

A major impact on our design, were the beautiful old buildings in Vienna both inside and outside. Thats

why we added the fishbone floor. Also the 70s in Austria with its concrete surfaces and its round forms had influence on our concept. Not to forget social media nowadays have a big effect on the people an so it did to our architecture.

We do not want the loft to feel like old we want it to be elegant with CEASAR CERAMICHE and well selected furniture we achieved that.


A contemporary loft redefined in a classic way. The floor is coverd by mordern dark stoneware and vintage wood-effect-ceramics build a perfect contrast to it. The room is split up into four areas the entrance, the staircase, the relax area and the dining room/ kitchen.


The schematic display of the showroom provides a better understanding of the project.


A big golden framed mirror, a ancient clothtree and a wooden 70s style shelf welcomes you right behind a massiv classic door in the loft.


The cut between the ELAPSE OYSTER stoneware and the FABULA ROBUR stoneware symbols the connection from future and past.

The modern wooden dining table and vintage chairs match perfectly.

In the background there is a big wooden cupboard were the ceramic sliding display hides.


A modern kitchen with a concrete worktop and wooden cabinet. The mountings in brass add a classic style to it.


The eye-catching spiral stairscase is covered by brushed aluminum and tiled with CEASAR CERAMICHE ELAPSE OYSTER (size 30 x 30).
The timeless black and white colorway looks always elegant.


The corner is designed to relax after a hard day the comfortable leather chairs, the shelf inspired by the 70s, the brass framed painting add a calm atmosphere.


Trace – Vitro
Elapse – Oyster
FABULA – Robur Chevron