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Anastasia Luzgina


Cross Design Trend:



12 July 1992 was born in Ryazan
1999-2009 study in General Academic School
2003-2007 study at the Art School in Ryazan
2009-2015 study at the MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, faculty of Civil Engeneering, speciality of engineer-architect.
2013-2014 engineer-architect in the OOO “Design center of Nika and Co”, Ryazan
2015-present time architect in the APEX project bureau, Moscow

Participation in contests:

2013 participation in the contest for the best draft design of the “Shopping center in the residential area “Pesochnya” in the city of Ryazan”
2013 participation in the regional festival of urban development “Zodchestvo 2013” in the city of Ryazan
2015 Ekaterinburg, Eurasian Prize, The 3rd place award for the the project “Airport in the city of Rostov-on-Don” in the nomination “Public buildings”

My inspiration is marble, he’s always looks different and gorgeous. And of course concrete is modern classic of modern lofts. Simple lines in furniture and crystal chandelier create upper elegance. Used wood and gold make atmosphere more warm.

Trace – Vitro
Trace – Iron
Portraits – Kirkby
Portraits – Versilia
FABULA – Fabalis
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco
Anima Select – Nero Atlante