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REVERB / aesthic



Cindy Russi


Cross Design Trend:



Cindy Russi is a Colombian Interior Designer. She graduated in the 2009 at the University of Bogotà and moved in Milan in the 2009.

She worked on several projects of luxury stores with the Architect Maurizio Lai’s studio.


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Taking inspiration from the Cross Design Magazine 2017 trend Reverb, the REVERB / aesthic project merges the contemporary interior design style with the richness of raw materials as the marble and the brass.

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Anima – Calacatta Oro
Anima – Grey St. Laurent
Anima Select – Nero Atlante
Anima Select – Grigio Boreale
One – Indigo
One – Cement
FABULA – Ulmus
FABULA – Ulmus Chevron
Elapse – Neutral