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Perfect is Overrated


Nicola Marcello Tropea & Paola Baratta


Cross Design Trend:



Paola Baratta is a young freelance professional architect, founder and owner of the architecture studio that takes her name in Genoa.
She graduated with the highest marks (110 with honors) in 2009 at the University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture, in a five-year specialized degree course.
During the course she studied abroad a year thanks to the scholarship she won for the Erasmus program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
After graduation, she attended Archiprix 2010 prize for young architects, with the degree thesis project, where she has been chosen as one of the 18 most interesting projects in the competition.
In 2011 she passed the entrance examination for the Ordine degli Architetti of Genova.
Then during 2013 she attended and obtained a master degree in internationalization for professional architects.
Since 2011, her very first year of professional activity ,she gained a considerable experience in design and renovation both in residential and commercial context.
The many tasks carried out have led her to focus more and more attention on the interiors design and the characterization of spaces, including through the punctual choice of interior and exterior finishes as well as the choice and definition of furnishings to suggest.
All aspects are analyzed and managed both in the design phase and in the execution phase, as well as in the direction of their work.
Architect Paola Baratta developed a personal workflow heavily using 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering, this meted allows her to better visualize the final look and feel of the project in every small details. This approach helps also the project discussion with customers from internal and external material to furniture selection.
She developed this kind of design workflow also and using specific professional software to reach a highly and appreciated photorealistic rendering level.
At the same time, the architect collaborated, mainly during the early years, with several architectural studios both to realize 3D models and photorealistic rendering, as well as to develop design areas in collaboration with different studios.
Although during working years , she built a well-knit professional work group, to better manage challenges, complex tasks and major contract that her work brings up, where she is coordinator and project manager.
In 2016 she participated to the selection of 16 free professional architects, to take up the role of chief of public works for the Municipality of Zoagli. Although she was selected with another professional architect, she had to give up because this role was in contrast with a complex urban design contract, which is currently being develop in the same municipal area.

Nicola Marcello Tropea, born in Acireale (CT) in 1961, is an engineer, graphic, interior architect and designer, free professionist, chef architect of ZENZEROdesign studio, based in the province of Catania; For years he has been involved in architecture, design, graphics and communication, participating
and receiving positive feedback in architectural and graphics competitions. In 1995 he joined “Aipi, Italian Association of Interior Designers – Interior Designers” with headquarters in Milan, Sicilia responsible from 1996 to 2001 and member of the Sicilian Delegation since 2009. He is a member of IFI,
International Federation Interior architects, BEDA, European Designers’ Board, ECIA, European Council of Interior Architects. In 1995 he also became an interior architect at Qualit Aid Architectes d’interiour, designers. In Montpellier, FRANCE. From 1996 to 2014 he worked with ceramic companies as
consultant / designer and corporate manager, he participated in numerous training masters including: 1998, communication course and sales at: Cucine Aurora spa ,, Poggibonsi, Siena; 1999/2000 communication and marketing company GESSI spa; 2002 “ceramic training course” Bardelli “ALTAECO
GROUP Milan; 2003/2004 “Advanced Business Management Organization Output and Imput, Management Levels, Enterprise Settlement”, Qualified Manager, becoming, from 2003 to 2007, corporate manager of a local ceramic and furnishing company; 2004 EDIMAX Ceramic Training Course; 2010
Course of technique and construction material, hydraulic techniques, Fantini Rubinetterie, Pella (Novara).
In 2011 he participates and wins the 3rd International Design Competition “Progetta un Sorriso”, pediatric ward design, Modena University Hospital – General Pediatrics Clinic, Pediatric Surgery, Day Hospital and Pediatric Onco Hematology; Among the jury members also the great architect, Luca
Scacchetti, who has recently dead, as well as figures of international architecture. Accreditation Academy Brera, Milan. In 2011 he also participates and wins the “Premio Le 5 Stagioni – Progettare il Fututo dei locali Pizzeria, nuove aperture, spazi e concept innovativi” with the concept “Come il Basiliko”,
a competition organized by Agugiaro & Figna Molini SpA in collaboration With POLI.DESIGN in Milan; Among members of the jury Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, President Jury and President of the Design Faculty Politecnico in Milan. Award ceremony at SIGEP 2012, Rimini.
In 2012 he is a jury member of the 4th International Competition “Designs the New House for My Third Age”; Among the jury members Luca Scacchetti, Caterina Malinconico of IED in Milan, Franca Pittaluga of IUAV in Venice, Shashi Caan President IFI, New York.
In 2012 he participated in the “International Competition for the Design of a Exhibition Center in the Municipality of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Me)”, a project result among the top 10 selected and worthy of mention and exhibited at the SidExpo 2012 of Furnari (ME).
In 2013 she participates and wins the “Competition for the realization of the URBI’s logo and the Calabria’s consortium”.
In 2016, a crowning professional career plan was set up, graduated in Civil Engineering, voted 100/110 with the thesis “D-SIGN, from sign to meaning, conceptual and practical analysis of Drawing,design and communication element” . Currently, in addition to architectural design, he is devoted to the
development of contests, design and communication, and he is a member of the jury in the 2017 edition, as in the foregoing, “Design, what’s up?” Design Contest for Sicilians Designers.

Domestic space is “… the space that concerns the house, the family: being at home; intimate, confidential…”. The “feel at home” concept means that home can concretely represent “unconditional well-being”. This is starting approach concept of housing design. It means trying  to create spaces where people can live with family, feeling good and being at home, feeling itself, with own habits, spaces, times and pleasures. Sometimes try to create this kind of spaces by itself and sometamis a professional does the home design.
We are thinking about a young couple (30/35 years old), that love and care design and particular and unusual furnishings, with an unconventional style. We imagine they gave this kind of style and approach to them home desing, playing with geometry and shapes in them house spaces. Not only with objects, but also using that king of approach for construction, furniture, finishes, flooring and wall coverings, an in our specific project also creating ceramic covered furnitur that we design using CAESAR CERAMICS.
We created spaces with a different character than ordinary houses, we chose and designed using not parallel lines, placind different furniture with an unconventional character, that merges with the surrounding indoor spaces. We designed following concept like not conformity, different, particular, unique. This is the same mood that yours Trend RISE bring: imperfection is more, imperfection is identity, furniture become more important and surfaces speak a new architecture language. We are completely agree with Tis kind of mood, it well represents our way to design and create spaces and furniture. Ino our concept design named “PERFECT IS OVERRATED”, according with its own meaning, we tried to force design o make CAESAR takes sculptural values, using gres material like an unconventional scenic element, this approach can enhance this material with unconventional design and innovative ideas.

Flooring becomes a moving element that divides spaces, finding and touching different object and furniture, like it could find differend worlds, staying in the same place. Using creativity and creating never ending space. Planar surfaces became verticall wall cover, between irregular walls, playing with imperfect joints that make up unstable volumes, breaking conventional frames and spaces.
Everything is one unique expressive will: Furnishing, accessories, cantilever shelf that cuts the vertical wall and the kitchent snack that is a support and a frame at the same time.
Everything becomes new every day, like our young couple, becoming different and unconventional day by day at the same time. Sesign is also play and innovation, it follows life and pleasure for life. The imperfection can rise. The perfection can be left to another place.

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