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Cross Design Trend:


Yana Antipenko, Novosibirsk, Russia, 26
Graduated from the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture and Arts in 2013, did art practice training in St. Petersburg. Worked in the office of architecture and design. Among my works there are projects of country houses, landscaping, and interior design projects in private homes and apartments of the cities of Russia including Moscow. I am a participant of the international architectural competitions. In my profession I always try to evolve, to look for fresh ideas. The interesting competitive tasks inspire me to create.

Airiness, laconicism and comfort, simplicity, key trend directions. Warm pastel shades, the soft reflections are mixed in materials blurring the boundaries, creating a
harmonious composition of glares, reflections, tints, filling the atmosphere with easiness. Light and color reflections transform a space, enliven simplicity clearly
showing the material texture. Simple shapes, soft contours diffuse the influence of materials on its surface.
The easiness and “transparency” create a very comfortable space for life. But complex texture, structured surfaces make the interior enlivened.

Portraits – Comblanchien
Trace – Vitro
Layers – Warm01
Layers – Cold03
Layers – Blank00