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Loft in Translation



Ilaria Stroppa & Diego Bassetti


Cross Design Trend:


Ilaria Stroppa
Architect, class 1985, graduated in 2010 at Politecnico di Milano with full marks. During the last year of the University she enrolled in the itinerant Master in Museography, Architecture and Archeology, thanks to which she received a special mention for an archeological design project, published by Domus Web (September 27, 2009)
Work experience includes three years of collaboration as Architect at the Milan office of the Archea Associati studio, where she has the opportunity to work for medium and large scale projects in Italy and abroad.
In 2013 she moved to Rome to work with Massimiliano Fuksas studio, where she will stay for a year working on architectural and interior design projects, including the construction of luxury private villas in Doha and the design and upgrading of a building In Mantua.
Ilaria currently collaborates with Il Prisma studio in Milan, where she specializes in designing smart-working offi ces and participates in Architecture Contests

Diego Bassetti
Designer, class 1979, studies and graduates at the Politecnico di Milano in Interior Architecture and Industrial Design in 2002.
Later he collaborated with Aldo Cibic as a design assistant, participating in major projects, including the Microrealities and New Stories New Design project for the 2002 Venice Biennale.
In 2004 he joined RA.RI’s studio of Bruno Rainaldi, where he has the opportunity to follow companies in the design world as Art Director and Product Designer.
In 2010 he founded Studio14, a young and dynamic emerging studio that develops projects in various disciplines such as architecture, interior design, product design, exhibition design, art direction and graphics, succeeding in winning the International Product Design Award 2014 with the Volver Chandelier.

Diego and Ilaria, thanks to the experiences gained in similar fields, collaborate together under the name of MILL/A studio

The project idea arises from the desire to create an intimate and relaxing space, where colors and materials recall a small Japanese home, characterized by simple and essential lines.
The tenants of this small loft are Frank and Sofi a, an English journalist and Italian photographer, both passionate about Japanese culture. After visiting Japan, the young couple, in fact, decides to move to Tokyo and furnish their new home with materials and pieces of furniture that reflect their culture of origin and at the same time are contaminated by Japanese elements.
LOFT IN TRANSLATION is the synthesis of our project, which, as in Sofi a’s Coppola Lost in Translation fi lm, tries to represent the subtle border between two worlds, two cultures, two people. The translation of the concept into the space is done through the study of Caesar collections and the use of those patterns and textures that better understand the idea of the project.
The Loft is divided in 3 parts:
The Entrance & Kitchen characterized by a strong sign of blue on the floor, wall and ceiling.
The living room & Bath where light shades are predominant, such as grey and white The Zen Garden, reminiscent of the Japanese gardens Karesansui, or “dry garden”, where the essence of nature is compressed into a small meditative space

The inspiration that created and led the project is PEACEFUL.

Layers – Trend
Layers – Wire01/Blank00
Vibe – Rovere
Portraits – Comblanchien