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Living Loft



Stephan Poppelmann


Cross Design Trend:


My Name is Stephan Poppelmann, I was born on 31.12.1978 and i come from Emsdetten – Germany.

In 1996 my career started with the attending of the technical school of design — Adolph—Kolping Berufskolleg in MUnster — Germany.

An internship at Studio 2000 followed in 1998 with a subsequent permanent employment.

As an autodidact of interior design, I decided to start my self-employment in 2001. In addition to the architectonic management of a large photostudio for architecture photography, We worked as freelancer for various customers in the furniture, sanitary and tile industry. All of my works are hand-drawn and colored.

Since 2012 i‘ve specialized in bathroom designs and mainly work as a consultant and designer for companies in the sanitary and tile industry.

My most important planning principle is to meet the individual, personal rituals of the users. Every customer is a new story.

l was inspired by the trend “Reverb“. This combines the modern, contemporary world with an elegant and classic style. The dark color selection of the floor and wall tiles highlights the used accessoires and gives them a refined and at the same time young, trend-conscious frame.

The mix of matte and glossy surfaces combined with floral and graphic patterns is complemented by accessoires and lights in warm metal tones.

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