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Like Nature Like Home



Taraneh Khavidi & Maryam Eskandari


Cross Design Trend:


Taraneh Khavidi

Head designer


0 June 1986 – Tehran


0 Master of Architecture Azad University of Tehran


0 Head Designer in Modern Ideal


o Interior Design team member in many famous projects in Iran such as: Padideh- Shandiz , Mashhad Mall, Rosha department store, Milad tower


0 The winner of ’Deress for comfort” contest 2017 – Istituto Marangoni



Maryam Eskandari



o March 1989 — Tehran


o Master of Landscape Architecture Azad University of Tehran


o Designer in Modern Ideal


0 3rd place in Spagetti structure contest of Iran – 2012


Nowadays most people are aware and concerned about damage to the nature, so they are taking small steps towards mother earth and they are trying to have an environmental-friendly life style.

As architect ,we believe for protecting of natural resources, instead of using natural stone and wood its better to use porcelain ceramic. The patterns and colors that used in this design, are inspired by the nature. We used wood style porcelain in bedroom’s floor and furniture, also we tried to bring more nature touch to this loft by using NATURAL STONE-LOOK porcelain at the entrance and for covering the kitchen’s wall and floor.

To follow the nature concept we focus on porcelain recycling, that these days is rare but should be increased. In our design we used it by folding the surface ( it comes from the shape of recycling symbol) and made the partitions continious. |n livingroom we have cement partition that turned,formed the bedroom and it continues to bathroom.

To have a great ,elegant and welcoming atmosphere we have chosen different colors of porcelain on the entrance’s wall.

In order to have continues space and keep it more open and wide we used short walls for dividing the spaces and we separate them by using different materials.

Another concept is different function of porcelain and showing it as a flexible material. We designed tilted partitions with linear lighting.This design will deliver relaxing and peaceful feeling in such a cozy loft.

In the bathroom, we have cut a cement look porcelain and used decorative lighting to show that, its possible to make a decorative wall with a minimal products.

Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco Macchia Aperta
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco Macchia Aperta
Anima – Statuario Venato
FABULA – Theca
FABULA – Theca Chevron
One – Cement
Portraits – Kirkby
Layers – Warm02
FABULA – Theca