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Life in RISE



Santad Kongpipat


Cross Design Trend:



Name : Santad Kongpipat.
Address : 222/7 Bangpliyai, Bangpli District, Samutprakarn.
Graduated from KMITL for Industrial Design. (Furniture Design) I made interior design for 4-5 years and sometimes to be contractor for my design too.

“Life in Rise”
The meaning of “Life in Rise” that is the living for more in daily life.
In everyday. we need to rise up with fresh and energetic and enthusiastic, there are new experience waiting for the discovering.
Area of project represented to each parts of home, that separated in 3 differnt areas with different feeling.

1. Working space
2. Joining space
3. Rest space

The core of design is creating “Dynamic” feeling with texture and pattern included form and lighting, that made the difference from normal home.


Line and pattern in this design come with stong and strange feeling, that communicate to exciting “out of the box” to face with abnormal axis.

The Cross line pattern that represent to the Tuxedo Collar, or light beam.

This surface represent to rock cliff that made interesting shade and shadow of surface.

Layers – Trend
Layers – Blank00
Layers – Cold03
Portraits – Kirkby
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco Macchia Aperta
Anima Select – Grigio Boreale
Anima Select – Nero Atlante