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Andrea Marsico


Cross Design Trend:



Andrea Marsico

Rogliano (CS – Italy) 20 March 1988

Working Experience

Gamax S.r.L. Rome
Architect External collaboration

Ottaviani Associati Studio Rome

From 2016

Master in BIM Revit at Formation A-Sapiens
Master Advanced Achviz (C4D + VRAY; Photoshop; After Effect) at Formation Center NEMETSCHEC Allplan

Master’s Degree in Architecture (urban design)
Vote 109/110



As well as iatus, where two vowels come together but produce two different sounds, in this project brings together materials apparently belonging to different trends but which can create a minimal environment but at the same time characterized by a strong industrial vein. In the living and dining area, the formal elegance of ANIMA, covering floors with STATUARIO VENARIO in a mix of all its sizes, is interrupted by the warmt of VIBE ROVERE in sizes 20 and 30X120 and 22,5X180 which interrupt material continuity of marble. On the wall, instead, the contemporary look grès of LAYERS with bold décors of TREND in sizes 120X60, 60×60 and 30X60 creates a strong contrast to the glow of the floor surface. Even in the kitchen, it was chosen to use the refinement of VENARY STATUE ANIMATION in 120X240 with staggered laying, which is very well suited to the elegance of the wood effect grès VIBE QUERCIA in sizes 20X120 (60%) and 30×120 (40% ) Covering walls up to 1.20 m high.

Anima – Statuario Venato
Anima – Graphite
Vibe – Rovere
Vibe – Quercia
Layers – Trend