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Ekaterina Saenko


Cross Design Trend:


I have been doing interior design since 2007. I started working as a student at the Academy nmd. baron Stiglitz, formerly Mukhina or Muha, as it called by students. After six years of education, as a young specialist, passed an internship in leading studios in St. Petersburg (Russia) where I learned to comprehend my profession.
Among their teachers, friends and partners stand out such as Felix Romanovsky, Slava Eroshin, Zhenya Skorikov, Dima Blank, Elena Laakso, Mikhail Chobanya, Andrei Gladyshev and many others. Working with each of them gave me a unique experience, which is still a great value for me today.
I study on every new project and I think that the design can not be fully understood, even if I have dedicated it all my life. I like to discover something new for myself. I love smart technologies, eco – politics, animals. I respect conscious and intelligent people leading intellectual activity up to death and retaining the ability to admire discoveries in a childlike manner.


  • Creation of ambient atmosphere, using monochrome contrasting finishing of walls and floor surfaces.
  • Local insertion of accent colors and materials, contrasting softness and rigidity.
  • The use of tiles in the manufacture of custom furniture items.
  • Insertion of local lighting, light and tonal zoning.
  • Author’s approach and small hooliganism.

Anima Select – Grigio Boreale
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco
Anima Select – Nero Atlante
Inner – Lake
Inner – Cliff
Inner – Peak