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We hope that the information on and on the regulations are understandable and complete.
Anyway, in order to avoid any confusion, we are happy to share with you all the answers to your F.A.Q.!

Do we have to use only the materials listed in the Cross Design Magazine moodboards?

You can use every material and every Caesar product (from the collections listed in the regulations).

Cross Design Magazine moodboards are intended to contextualize the trends.
You can use them to find inspiration.

What is the area partition in the Technical constraints document for?

Attendees have to design on the whole blue highlghted area of the plan file (you must design just the ground floor!).
We have described a partition in the technical constraints document in order to explain that the middle section is a passageway.

So you should leave it without any obstrucion.

May I use furniture produced by other brands?

Yes. The only restriction is explained in the pont 7 of the regulations.
You can’t use furniture and other products where is clearly visible the producer brand.

Can I modify the spiral staircase? How is it made?

The staircase steps will be tiled using Caesar Porcelain Stoneware.
You can propose one or more Caesar products to tile it.

The staircase has 22 steps (every step has an height of 17,15cm).

Do I have to design a whole loft or just part of it?

The choice is up to you! You can design all the areas usually part of a loft or just part of them.

How can I participate with a team?

It’s easy: when you upload your project you have to include the biographies of all the team members (with photos and e-mails).
In this document you have to specify who is the team leader.

In which language do I have to upload biography and project concept?

Projects will be judged by an international jury. So it is more advisable to write the project concept and the biography in English.
Anyway, you can write everything in your own language. In this case, the Caesar team will write a brief concept description and a brief biography in English.
These texts will be published as an introduction of the whole content in the original language.

What is the recess in the wall H?

It is a ceramics sliding display.
Please don’t cover the wall H in coincidence of the empty area. Our Salespeople must be able to use it to pull out the panels.
The recess has an height of 320 cm. You can find a preview of the ceramics display content below.