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Empire State of Mind



Francesca Guidetti


Cross Design Trend:



Francesca Guidetti is an independent Italian Architect. She graduated in the 2008 at the “Politecnico di Torino” and in the meantime she studied at the “Alta Scuola Politecnica”.



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In the Francesca Guidetti’s project revive the echo of past great ages. The marble effect and the gold reflections are the protagonists of this project inspired by the Cross Design Magazine Reverb.



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FABULA – Robur Chevron
FABULA – Robur
Anima – Statuario Venato
Anima – Calacatta Oro
Trace – Iron
FABULA – Theca
FABULA – Fabalis Chevron
FABULA – Fabalis
Layers – Warm03
Vibe – Cinder
Trace – Bronze
Elapse – track
Inner – Tangram