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Simona Muccari
Morena Quartucci


Cross Design Trend:


Simona Muccari and Morena Quartucci work at the architectural firm Muccari, founded 10 years ago by Simona Muccari.


Born in the 1975, Simona Muccari has studied Architecture at the universities of Rome (Italy – La Sapienza) and Seville (Spain). She also worked for the University La Sapienza for 3 years as Ph.D.

Morena Quartucci was born in the 1984.  She hold a degree in Interior Design and is currently studying Architecture at the University La Sapienza.

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In the CrossLoft project Simona Muccari and Morena Quartucci designed an open space, where a bright floor created with Vibe – Frost contrasts with the wall covered with the dark quarz effect of Inner – Cliff. The style of the both contemporary and rustic.

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Vibe – Frost
Inner – Cliff
ONE – Mix Deco
Vibe – Wood Mix