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Creative Mess



Sanita Gutic


Cross Design Trend:



Name: Sanita
Surname: Gutic
Date of birth: 1991


Name of the Institution: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Architecture
Degree: Master of Architecture
Date: 2012-1014

Name of the Institution: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Architecture
Degree: Bachelor of Architecture
Date: 2009-1012


Position: Architect
Office name: DOO ‘ Tehnograd—company’ Tuzla
Date: 2012-2014

Position: Architect
Office name: AAA Group doo Mostar
Date: since 2014

Awards: First prize for student work (Architectural Construction_Dome)

For designing space, the start point was man and importance of his impressions and feelings. His walkway and perspective. In that spirit, I made dinamic setting of living space that introduces a man and takes his attention.
I decided to design using ‘ Rise‘trend.

Studying trends from Cross Design Magazine, a recognised this style as one I appreciate most as designer.

Personally, I think that living space should be warm, not sterile.
Architects impose trends, and tend to minimalisam and clean lines. For living spaces, this minimalism can be particularly attractive when it is combined with already known trends. With something man has seen and touched before. With known and used materials such as old wood(which is the best in combination with hard texture- concrete), leather(I used it for wall shelf), old steel,etc.
Living room textures are in contrast with soft sofa and high gloss tables.
In kitchen I used colorful textures and designed simply white kitchen with wood details and concrete work surface. These materials and decoration form warm but modern and comfortable space.
Walls are tilled with ONE Gesso 30×60 installed vertically, and in some parts with ONE Deco 60×60, ONE Indigo 60×60 and ELAPSE Kaleido since 2014 30×30. Floor is simple, tilled with VIBE Quercia 20×120. Just in one small AWARDS part of kitchen it is tilled with ONE Decor 60×60.

Elapse – Kaleido
One – Indigo
One – Mix Decò
Vibe – Quercia
One – Gesso