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Corrente Alternata



Manuel Fidenzi


Cross Design Trend:



According to Manuel what matters is living through ceramics and not using it to furnish. This is his vision of design.

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Alternating current

Highly decorated, it combines the most traditional taste with industrial materials matched with pieces of furniture from essential lines that made the history of design. A recall to the revisited vintage, the contrast between opaque and shiny surfaces, strong tones that combined create strong but refined surfaces. An environment that can undermine compromises by enhancing each other personality. All this follows an alternation of styles and periods that converge into a fluid project, such as the course of a river.

Inspired by the re verb trend and the idea of a couple composed by people with such different tastes –  natural and essential her and eccentric and industrial oriented him – that share the passion for design, refinement and originality. The “alternating current” concept encompasses their being couple composed of so many different elements that blended create a good but alternative force, a look at the past that comes to a new future where individuality and diversity are exaggerated by making complications.

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