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Sergio Seritti


Cross Design Trend:



Sergio Seritti Architect, graduated in Florence at the Faculty of Architecture in 1983, enrolled in the Architects’ Order of the Province of Livorno since 1985, he has, in principal and in collaboration with the leading HOTEL&REATAURANT FURNISHINGS, he created numerous locales, hotels and restaurants spread across the central coastal area. This experience, begun in 1986, still implemented by continuous updates, has been complemented by all the other activities related to the profession over time, with the aim of serving the Customer in a complete and efficient way. Therefore the Architect feels the need to found an Architectural Studio that takes its name.

The Study, founded in 1993, deals with the complete design of works. Thanks to the thirty years experience, we are able to provide to «turnkey product». Joined by AIPI as Interior Designer, since 2010, the Studio has the potential to create projects in an industrial, tourist, commercial, commercial, public, restaurant and residential setting, with tailor-made attention, making «customized products” based on taste, necessities and possibilities of each Client, completed up to the details. Moving with capacity from economic solutions luxury solutions.

Inspired by the REVERB moodboard, especially in the colors and their combinations, I have elaborated a complementary moodboad « COPPERUST» that indicates my creative and design path for laying down the existing space.
The philology of my perceptual and sensory inspirational journey is exposed in the moodboard I have made in order to explain my ideas, my visual and formal connections to the best.
So I preferred to make an elaborate but intuitive moodboard so that it could be perceived by any observer of all nationalities.

Vibe – Rovere
Trace – Mint
Trace – Mint Decò
Trace – Corten
Trace – Iron
Inner – Tangram
Elapse – Groove (various)
Elapse – Kaleido
Elapse – Domino