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Contrast Matter


Marianna Mazzi

Cross Design Trend:



Marianna Mazzi born in Modena in 1992 and studied Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, where is about to graduate at the Master Degree in Design & Engineering. She completed internships in Milan and London, while is currently based in Milan, working as freelance designer. Her interests are focused on product and interior design, as well as technology, new materials, graphic design and music production: for her Design means primarily Culture.

The inspiration trend RISE, represents the meeting point between industry and crafts. CONTRAST MATTER born from the concept of craftsmanship as art of manipulating matter, considered as a media of beauty in all its possible essences. Industrial design therefore reproduces this art through large-scale processes, while trying to maintain the ability that craftsman preserves, of adding value and respect the material itself. The set-up therefore plays with the contrasts of matter in its various shapes and colors. CONTRAST MATTER is an imperfect harmony that highlights the contrasting characters, among claddings and furniture. Light and dark, traditional and contemporary, as often are wrongly considered craftsmanship and design, uniform and textured surfaces, arranged in the environment, create a unique multi-sensorial content from their individual beauty. The distinctive value given by the aesthetic and tactile characteristics of the different claddings, is emphasized and enhanced by the contrast created by their own combination. Space can be read almost like a handcrafted workshop that shows its raw material from the first processes to the refined product: from the natural stone of ELAPSE MIST and INNER CLIFF, to the metal shades of TRACE IRON, until the modern interpretations of LAYERS COLD01 and BLANK00. The furnishing complements have been selected among companies that carry on the design quality idea, that aims to reproduce the same methods and values, from a contemporary critical point of view: few significant objects focused on the enhancement of claddings. Companies that have a stable role in contemporary design, such as Hay Design and Moroso and partnerships between brand and local craftsmanship, such as Danese and Portego, a young Venice based company that connects young designers and artisans of Venetian reality. The different Oci rug’s weaves contrast with ELAPSE MIST’s veining: the stone compares itself with the fabrics and different textures it encounters, with the reflections of Plane Light plated metal and Stack Vessels dark wood. The matter is continuously interpreted through new technologies, as in Mori.London LED candles and reinvented as in Lasvit Lollipop lights, almost sculptural and ironic composition generated by perceptual manipulation of amorphous glass, both in the shape and through the chromatic grain . The glass dialogues with the leather of MOROSO seats, reflected in the chromatic details of the armrests and seats lining fabric, enhancing the gradations of TRACE IRON and creating a sort of scenario thanks to the INNER COLD01 contrast. CONTRAST MATTER therefore symbolizes the indispensable collaboration between industry and crafts, essential and necessary for the survival of good Design.

Layers – Blank00
Layers – Cold01
Inner – Cliff
Elapse – Mist
Trace – Iron