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Caesar Experience



Michele Ricco, Elisabetta Termine & Domenico Riglietti

Cross Design Trend:



Michele Ricco 29/11/83


Freelance architect, for almost ten years, works in the field of interior design. Graduated with honors, he began his career in San Ferdinando di Puglia (country of origin) then moved to Rome and founded a school of photography/Cinema/graphics and in parallel carries out the professional activity with good results in the private sector. For a period of 6 months he moved to Sydney to strengthen the language level; Back, he decides to start a new chapter of his professional activity. In San Ferdinando di Puglia opens studio Vision conceived and thought as a coworking among professionals, offering services related to architecture-interior design-graphic-rendering-photography.

For the contest he worked on the union between architecture (forms/spaces) and multimedia (innovation).


Elizabeth Termine  04/12/87

Graduated in architecture, is a professional photographer, starts as an intern, in a photographic studio where mainly were requested wedding photography services and photographic services for galleries/slider websites. The experience gained at the photographic studio, along with the study path, has generated a balance of digital skills for this at Studio Vision she occupies and directs the sector photography and graphics.

For the contest she worked on the stylistic choices, on the attribution of materials suitable for the spaces and on the market trends as well as curing the communication and the branding of the project.


Domenico Riglietti 16/10/89


He studied construction engineering at the Politecnico di Bari.

For the contest has assisted the work of the Arch. Ricco in the 3D modeling of space, the texturing of materials, the ambient lights and the rendering of the views of the project.




Caesar experience as well as being an exhibition space, is a place to live and experience; it involves and stimulates the visitor through the use of new technologies, atmospheres and environments in a multi-sensory path. A place where especially the VlSlON becomes the protagonist.

The proposed project offers the visitor a dynamic reality which is attentive to the latest trends in technological innovation.

Not a traditional experience, this new project aims to excite the visitor as he can himself interact with the product and have a suggestive view of each type of product in the Screensaver room in scale 1 to 1;

he can physically touch it appreciating the thicknesses, the surface finishes etc. in the Materioteca. Finally, proposes a Virtual tour of its spaces. All this is “Caesar experience”.


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