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Broken Plan





Cross Design Trend:



Multitasking architectural office based in Turin since  2009_ “2MlX” means “t(w)o mix”, an approach which tries to search in its inner multidisciplinary debate to promote new solutions towards architectural design.

2M|X is Bruno Maiolo, Edoardo Bruno, Marco Matteo, Cubito, Martina Boccuzzi, Stefano Cambursano

Following the main concept of 2MlX archistudio, partner represent a multidisciplianry spin off capable to create a skilled network around architecture and design.

Partners wich have been involved in this project as designers are: Daniele Bianco, Silvia Lisi, Andrea Ripari, Ottavio Petrolito, Dalila Tondo

How to create a loft without partitions?

How the material can modify / interact with living space?

These were the questions that arose from the answers, the founding matrices of our project.


BROKEN PLANES, breaks down and doubles the living space, daytime spaces become other functions at night. The top floor incorporates some furnitures, the lower floor becomes a “canyon” where is possible to interact with the materials. The material covers the horizontal and vertical plane and becomes exposed in the vertical walls of the upper floor. Form and material are at the center of the design vision, functionality is the result of the blend. The project is not static. Through multimedia you can show and see how the coating can change the space, customizing it with specifically selected materials and coatings. The floor of the loft is broken. The rupture produced 2 different Planes, spaced 80 cm between the lower floor and the upper floor.  The two floors host different functions by interacting with each other. The upper floor hosts: relaxation area, toilet, kitchen, dressing room. The lower floor hosts: dining table, study, sofa, bed, music. Furthermore the interactive panel shown on the upper floor shows the catalogue CAESARS.

The project does not include separation of functions, but all develop within the environment. There are no partitions, the loft user has a complete view of the functions and spaces of the environment, creating an extraordinary flexibility .  Indeed the dressing room turns the stage for music, the relaxation area becomes a double bed, the reading area becomes an audiovisual projection area. The space is flexible adapted to the needs of the user. The materials indentify the different floors. The ceramic coating material also covers the vertical element of the top floor. The visitor can then cross the open space by walking in a continually horizontal /vertical plane.  The walls of the loft are covered in ceramic, and the walls become exposed to the material. The visitors passes through the canyon. The route is episodic, it is a visit within the exhibition environment.  Kitchen, study table, relaxation area are crafted and adapted to the living space. The furniture is “customized” suitable for the existing space, in fact the craftsman produces it, realizes it to fit into the loft space. Relaxation area is occupied by the couch, the top floor is used as a dressing area and reading area.

Inner – Lake 60×60
Inner – Cover 30×60
Layers – Cold01
Layers – Trend
Layers – Wire01/Trend
Trace – Mint Decò
Trace – Vitro
EIKON – Titanio
EIKON – Grafitis
Inner – Cliff
Inner – Peak
Inner – Lake
Layers – Trend
Anima Select – Bianco Arabesco
Anima Select – Grigio Boreale
Anima Select – Nero Atlante