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Beyond Rise



Riccardo Cocchi


Cross Design Trend:



Class 1995, Riccardo Cocchi was born on November 25 in Bentivoglio (Bo). His formation at Ignazio Calvi Institute of Finale EMilia allows him to get a diploma of quantity surveyor. Afterwards stages at a technical study, he actually constitute a role as a office technician at a construction company. In addition to the ordinary tasks, he projects pottery covering for the clientele.

Inspired by the japanese lifestyle and to the more modern organic architecture, the loft furniture is the perfect bond between handicraft and industry.
Meaningful is the choice of discording tones and geometrical shapes whereby materials are enhanced. These latter ones from natural and raw textures, plain and dark.
A unique space multiply ad hoc thanks to partitions, as the glass door which separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and the shield which divides kitchen and living.

Anima Select – Grigio Boreale 60×60
Inner – Lake 60×60
Inner – Cover 30×60
Vibe – Rovere
Vibe – Square
Vibe – Woodmix
Tecnolito – Bay
Trace – Mint Decò
Trace – Bronze
Elapse – Cave
One – Mix Decò
Elapse – Groove