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Thibault Allibert, Julien Vessot, Lauriane Pot & Lia Chaptal


Cross Design Trend:


Thibault Allibert


– Master 1 Architecture Intérieur Bellecour Ecole Lyon

– BTS Design d’Espace Condé Lyon

– Bac STI2D

– Stages : Bernard Nicoud, Saint-Romans – Guillaume Coudert, Lyon


Julien Vessot

– Master 1 Architecture Intérieur Bellecour Lyon

– Bachelor Concepteur/designer/décorateur Studio M Lyon

– Stages : Maison Courtieu, Lyon – Forever Designer ,Lyon


Lauriane Pot

– Master 1 Architecture Intérieur Bellecour Ecole Lyon

– Bts Design d’Espace Condé Paris

– Manaa Condé Paris

– Stages : Agence Frederic Flanquart, Paris – Agence Parallel, Paris


Lia Chaptal

– Master 1 Architecture Intérieur Bellecour Ecole Lyon

– Bts Design d’Espace ESMA Montpellier

– Manaa ESMA Montpellier

– Stages : Fontes Architecture, Montpellier – Guillaume Houny, Aigues-mortes








A place to help the stability of the couple, a space of intimacy and of complicity that accompanies them on a daily basis. It’s a soothing and relaxing place that encourages osmosis.


The goal was to create a central island where all functions are condensed, the furniture is nested echoing the Fusion of ceramics. Wood delineates spaces and creates continuity between the living-room and the kitchen.


The Caesar Ceramic accompanies the couple as a witness of the cycle of their Life (exchanges, interations, ruptures, passion, …).

The peaceful trend bring a calm atmosphere with its shades, softness and minimalism through its materials.


Tecnolito – Charcoal
Trace – Vitro