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A touch of handcraft



Sara Bullini & Sara Belleri


Cross Design Trend:


Sara Belleri

Work Experience

from june 2017 –  Internship  at Ri-Legno S.R.L. – Engineer specialized in wood structures.

from september  2016 –  Internship at Arch. Ing. Giuliano Venturelli’s Office  –  Involved in competitions, graphics and design activities.

from november 2015 to june 2015  –  Placement at Yamamay Shop – Iseo (BS) – as officer sale and saler.

autumn 2014 –  graphic designer for the album cover artwork  “Ninna Musical-mente Nanna” in autumn 2012 ( )and for the album cover “In/trigo di Venere” in autumn 2014 ( ).


Sara Bullini  

Work Experience

from may 2017 –  Internship at Cooperativa Mimosa ( Riva del Garda, TN ) in the fairs and events areas as exhibit designer.

from april 2016 to may 2017 –  Archictural Engineer and Architect at Rizzinelli&Vezzoli Architettura as architect , engineer and interior designer.

from august 2015 to january 2016  – Internship at Atelier Lise Juel architectural office in Copenhagen (Denmark )as architect.

from febrary 2014 to february 2015  – Internship at Genrzero Architectural Office (Brescia) as architect and interior designer.

From semptember 2009 to june 2012 and from September 2013 to febrary 2014  – Waitress in restaurants, bar and catering services. Hostess for events.

Nowadays, we live in a world deeply influenced by “smart” technologies,: actually it’s possible to write we live in a “smart” society, where everything is available to anyone with a simple TOUCH and we forgot about the real feel of touch and manual skills, typical of the world of HANDCRAFT. These two different worlds can

yet join each others.

This is the main concept of our design, inspired by the RISE MOODBOARD: a meeting between handcraft and innovation, in which Ceasar’ s ceramics play a leading role. They indeed well summarize the union between a modern technology of production and a recall of handmade finishing touch. To underline and value our idea, we introduce furniture-object coming from different field not linked to the design world: glass-pot as lights, storage-pallet used as living room-table, iron and sheet metal as closing panel or partition, ship ropes as railing, with a TOUCH of green to create to right contrast and the perfect atmosphere. The Caesar collections that better stand for our design-philosophy are VIBE, ELAPSE, ONE, TRACE, that thanks to their textures and finishing fit perfectly in the RISE MOODBOARD.


Crossed ropes, natural wood and wrought iron, cement, cork, coarse and smooth surfaces that encourage

touch and sight, modern neon lights and rough pallets used as forniture. Simply…. a TOUCH of HANDCRAFT.

Vibe – Quercia
Vibe – Rovere
Vibe – Frost
Vibe – Cinder
Elapse – Pacific
One – Mud
One – Cement
One – Rope
Inner – Tangram
Trace – Aluminia Comp.A